Aviation was a part of Dave's life from the very beginning, as his father, Brigadier General William Matheny, was a career Air Force pilot. Dave and his older brother Bill grew up on various Air Force bases throughout the United States. His hopes of being an Air Force pilot, following in the footsteps of his father and brother, were dashed by failing the Air Force's eyesight test.

His love of aviation persisted despite that setback, and Dave began flying ultralights in the 1980s when ultralights were in their infancy. Dave survived this period of unreliable engines and novel airframe designs to become an FAA Ground Instructor and private pilot. Dave flew in many different kinds of aircraft - WW 2 military aircraft, gliders, balloons, Marchetti dogfighting aircraft - and we also jumped out of them during a memorable summer spent skydiving. Dave mostly owned and flew ultralight aircraft, but also enjoyed flying his Ercoupes. Dave often wrote about aviation and aviation events for the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper. 

After Dave left the Star Tribune, he combined his love of aviation, entertaining writing skills, and artistic talent writing for EAA's magazines, primarily "Sport Aviation". He wrote a monthly column and illustrated it with his artwork for 18 years. 

This artwork is now available for sale. Most of these illustrations are available with the magazine they appeared in, and some also have secondary illustrations and preliminary sketches. If you are interested, please contact me at davematheny3000@yahoo.com for more information. 

- Jean Matheny