Welcome to the site dedicated to the artwork of Dave Matheny. Here you will find an incredible variety of subjects - aviation, portraits, political commentary, nautical, fantasy, and more - which reflect both the wide range of Dave's own interests and the wide range of subject matter that Dave illustrated for the Minneapolis Star, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, and EAA aviation magazines. 

Dave passed away in 2021. He had a long career and was very prolific. In addition to his professional work, Dave produced drawings and paintings for his own enjoyment. The result is a very large body of work. This site will be under construction for some time as his work is organized, cataloged and scanned. At present, the Aviation section is up!

Thank you for your visit, and please come back for more updates soon.

If you would like more information about Dave's artwork, please contact me at: davematheny3000@yahoo.com.

- Jean Matheny